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Email Sequences!
Sit back, and watch all of your contacts be automatically re-engaged!
How-To: Build websites to promote your listings in seconds! EASY!

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Landing Pages!

Yes... landing pages! You can make the most beautiful, eye-catching, splash pages to promote your listings.
A distinct landing page can be created for EACH AND EVERY SINGLE one of your listings in just a few minutes!! If it took any longer, how on earth could you possibly create as many pages as you have listings!? You couldn't! That's because you're winning too many listings using TopCMA, right?... RIGHT!!
YES! Please share your promotional landing pages that are offered to you completely FREE, all over social media. These pages are deigned to stand out and grab your visitors' attention. Get more leads; Get more sales!

FREE websites to promote your listings!

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Email campaigns can't get any easier!

There is no easier system that enables you to enroll your prospective buyers in an automatic email sequence. Select what your buyer is looking for, specify which event's warrant an outgoing email, and your buyer will be the first to know when there is a new listing available.
Beautiful Design
Emails that are sent to your clients are BEAUTIFUL and PROFESSIONAL and render PERFECTLY on any device!
Beat Competition
Our system delivers the HIGHEST-CONVERTING emails faster than your MLS® system which your competitors are using!
Completely Automatic
It takes LESS THAN A MINUTE to set-up! Then, sit back and let every single one of your contacts be automatically re-engaged!
It's 100% FREE
What's the loss? There is absolutely NO RISK! Our system is better than anything out there... and it's COMPLETELY FREE!

Imagine having your follow-up done automatically. You don't have to do ANYTHING!

That's right! Your prospective buyers will ONLY be shown properties that match their criteria! Simply select their search and DO NOTHING! Automatic Re-engagement. DONE!
Yep! All emails are sent with your brand logo, avatar and brand colors! We want each email to look like you have spent hours trying to setup an amazing email campaign!
Custom Frequency! What's this!? Well, as you might imagine, you can setup triggers for when each email is sent (e.g. on new listing and/or new sale, and/or every 14 days). You decide!
We don't want to toot our own horns here, but our re-engagement emails look STUNNING. They look just as amazing or better than the absolute best in the business! Why? Because we use the same proven conversion strategies that these millionaire Top-Producing agents use.

Setup an automatic email sequence in LESS THAN A MINUTE!

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